Saturday, 23 October 2010

The beginning of the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning?

So, here's me starting a blog. yippee. This blog is mostly about movies, thoughts and musings about other people's, maybe goals and progress of our own, the occasional list and any interesting news we like, if we hear any news, we're not very hip n cool, finger on the pulsesque. Anyways, thats this blog - it was going to be a diary of progress of film projects as well, but hey, I'm not tech savvy, in fact Im tech lazy; I like how this one looks, then I find out making several pages into blogs requires reading and fiddling I lost interest, and I've no interest in building a nicer looking one in Wordpress or something. We might build something for the trials and tribulations of life and art blah blah in Moonfruit.

A blog by a movie fan about whatever movie stuff I can be bothered with? I know, I'm so late to the boat the boat is on another continent, but this would be me trying to stop just yelling at the boy at home after watching some film, and instead saving him the grief of pretending to listen and instead say it on that fabulously forgiving universe that is the internet.

So this is me, Hels, haranging the world of the web to care what I think. Sometimes Ant might come on and say what he thinks about films but most likely he's going to be too busy making them to care.

These won't be reviews as reviews should be. If I did that I would just feel like I'm trying to compete with Ebert, and really, who is going to win with that. This is going to be a place for my random thoughts, feelings and rotating obsessions about other peoples' filums, sometimes the new ones but mostly anything currently peeking my interest or old favourites I feel like yacking about. I wanted to do something different from a lot of what's out there, and one thing that seemed different was to not even pretend my 'reviews' are fair, balanced, well considered with a mind towards the needs of a broad sectrum of viewers, and comprehensively reflective every aspect of the filmmaking that led to the final product. Plenty of people seem to believe their reviews reference what made the film good or bad, and that they are comprehensively covering all aspects of the film in question, when in reality they seem to just say that they liked or didn't and often focus on one specific bit of the film they thought made the film or broke it. So I can't do much worse by honestly saying just what I thought, how I felt and why I thought and felt that way. Secondly, in my opinion it seems to be quite popular to write longish reviews for each and every film, covering at least three paragraphs, precisely in order to be (or attempt to be) balanced and comprehensive. I thought it might be different to spend a lot of time not doing this; when I google a film for 'reviews' often what's going on in my head is I'm thinking of seeing a film but there is mixed reviews from paid reviewers, and I can't get a clear idea why there are mixed reviews or who is right because a lot of the reviewers in question will be people who I think are always wrong, yet they might be agreeing with a reviewer I usually agree with. Like the Guardian's Bradshaw will express the same sentiments as Roger Ebert, then I'm stuck. I might in this case go looking for other views and everyone homogenously saying the same thing, in the same three to four paragraphs, and really who wants to read ten or twenty sets of three to four paragraphs when you just want an idea whether its up your street or not. Same goes all the more for when you're googling a film to see if your opinion of the film as a whole is right or if you've gone batshit bananas. And thirdly, a lot of people might say something interesting, but only about one aspect of the film, yet often they will only get to this after doing the usual, the de rigueur - summarising the story and the major plot points or motivation and development. This is great for a film that isn't popular, or so indie many people reading it on your blog may indeed be hearing about the film for the first time, or a film of some yesteryear that no one seems to talk about anymore. But inception? X-men 2? Titanic???  If a film is new or so goddamn wellknown you would have to (HAVE TO!) be an alien come down yesterday to, you know, do a Third Rock from Sun in order to not know the premise, I will not write one, I might just blah about one thing I thought was really eyecatching.

So, there's me explaining. Wasn't that fun?

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