Friday, 12 November 2010

mad city

Totally awesome. Saw this when I was a teenager and thought it was really good, thought it was very Ace in the Hole, thought Travolta was surprisingly good, didn't think much more about it, but now I've been on a bit of a Travolta bender and took another look at this little gem.

Fuck me Travolta steals the fucking show. Dustin does what Dustin has been doing for quite some time, using that lovely voice to play Dustin. It's like dragging a broken shopping trolley over a gravel parkway. Fantastic. Nothing wrong with that, highly enjoyable, the reliability of Hoffman allows more enjoyment from the likes of Stranger than Fiction, I Heart Huckabees and Kung Fu Panda, not less. Travolta on the other hand, puts in a turn as good as Curtis in The Boston Strangler. Plus I think the only reason the film wasn't a smash hit classic is because it's believable media satire, not flash, crazy satire.

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