Thursday, 28 July 2011

Red State and Invisible Monsters - so much internet, so little time.

So much to do on the internet, never enough years. Anyone think that the concept of computer time needs to be updated to include web time? I wonder if Universities let you use it as an excuse for late work now? Can you go in with an apple and say that not only did the computer room not print your work cos the printer was backed up but on top of that but Tumbr said no?

I find I get so caught up in so many different things to research and watch and read and all that I tend to not finish most stuff, including writing for the blog, getting to know other bloggers or commenting on all the masses of good stuff out there. Spurred on my Custard's wonderfully intuitive list about being a better movie blogger over at we've decided to make an actual action plan :p

It's such a great post for people who know they've got crap habits or ignore certain blogging avenues but are not quite sure how to fix them. It reminded me we're planning on writing a post every other day, and deciding on which days to write what sort of stuff. His wisdom has also spurred me to think of moving over to Wordpress. Main reason being we're designing the sight this weekend and if I'm gonna sit down to make another blog when I don't have a designer bone in my body AND ditch my Oldboy banner for something that goes with white, I may as well try another site. Another other blogs people think are better than Wordpress?

In other news, Red State trailer looks interesting:

I like the look of the trailer, but all the fuss over Goodman losing weight kind of makes me zone out.
 And there's this event if anyone's in Los Angeles and enjoys Q&As' with Kevin Smith about the film.

And it looks like another one of Chuck Palahniuk's books might really go into production after years of people claiming they're *this close* to hiring a crew and placing pens into the hands of super famous actors as their lawyers finalise contracts. It's been a while since Ex-Drummer director Koen Mortier signed on to do Haunted, and news on Snuff and Survivor is vauge, but there's recent news on Invisible Monsters. Samir Rehem is on board to direct. If the name doesn't ring a bell, he's been hard at work on the american version of Skins, Degrassi, Made... teenage stuff like that.

My gut reaction was to hate this news. Invisible Monsters would be a hard book to get right and, whilst trying to say as little as possible that might spoilerise, it would require perfect casting of the female protagonist to be a great film. I always thought Charlize Theron, and that's all I'm saying.

The perfect director for Invisible Monsters in my mind would be someone with a dark and twisted career, not someone who does high school shows about cheerleaders and whatnot, and certainly not someone who worked on the remake of a teenage show that was then ripped apart for being rubbish compared to the original. I mean, I liked the UK Skins in the beginning, not least because (as I might have mentioned on here, ahem, once or twice) it made me a pretty big fan of Joe Dempsie who played Chris. The American version seemed to be too self conscious about whether it was the carbon copy or a unique and culturally fresh take on the same characters. These trailers aren't exactly representative of the storylines but a fun comparison:



[And for anyone else with a secret loyalty to UK Skins, another video mostly about good old Chris]

But he's not responsible for whether Skins UK is better than the US version is he? Apparently Mr Rehem is a big Palahniuk fan, and stylistically some of his work is excellent, and I'm being a total hypocrite by assuming something because of the type of stuff he directs not the quality of the directing, so I looked for some more stuff and particularly like this:

A short film produced by Robin Crumley of Capri Films. Shot on location in Toronto in December of 2006. Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of 2007.

And I'm an instant convert. I love the tone and cinematography, and the restraint, it made me smile. So maybe Invisible Monsters will be great.

Anyone else a fan of Invisible Monsters? Which director or cast have you always wanted for it? Or have you watched the American Skins and think it's so good Invisible Monsters is a step down?



  1. interesting hels, welcome back to blogging by the way. ive never really been a fan of palahniuk but i think i know the kind of direction it would need.

    you've got him on your blog roll already - ben wheatley. he could make palahniuk movies. he could make anything.

  2. HI Hels & Ant,

    How the devil are we? All set for the weekend?

    I really love WP it find it pretty cool and flexible with all the plug ins and stuff. Are you going to use the free ones or get some hosting and a domain?

    Thanks so much for the link to my little post you are a true friend!! I MEAN that too! thanks,

    If you need any help at all drop me an email and I will do my best to help out, OK?

    Take care you two crazy cats!!

    Scott (Custard)

  3. Thanks Toby, it's nice to be back :) I know what you mean, I got into Palahniuk because I went crazy for Fincher's Fight Club, but I don't love all his books. In fact I love Fight Club least of all, it's that funny?

    Now Wheatley, that is a good idea. I wonder if he'd be interested... And I'm gonna assume from that last statement Kill List is good then :D

  4. I think it was always gonna be a letdown after the movie.

    Kill list is superb. One of the best movies of the year, actually best since I saw down terrace so nothing has come close new release wise. I made sure not to post spoilers if you wanna read my review.

  5. No, YOU are a true friend :D Your blog is the first one I go to when I've got blogging time, cos it's the best yeah? I'm sure Toby knows what I mean. You got the perfect balance between chilled and thoughtful, it's very cool.

    Moving to WP is long overdue. Even in the first month I started to notice in Blogger forums people talking about things WP could do that blogger won't even let you code in. Probably will start with free first cos I'm skint, ha. Thanks so much for saying I can ask you about it... no doubt I will if I find myself trying to get something to work and after 3 hours Ant has to take the laptop away from so I don't throw it across the room.

    Tonight I'm attempting to make cocktails, at home with only a blender and no clue about measurements. I'm figuring I might get really drunk on tequila shots first so if it goes wrong I'll be too drunk to notice. Or care :P You guys? love h xx

  6. p.s is it wrong to talk shop about WP on blogger? :/

  7. Couldn't agree more Toby, Fight Club has so many layers and fine detail to it, a prime example of a movie perfecting a work by filling in the missing nuances. And strangely the novel ending is safer and more conventional.

    Good to know about the review, thanks for updating me :)

  8. HAHA Is there any other way to make cocktails? Measures are for wimps!!

    If you want to text me you can also, may be quicker than email.. I won't put my mobile on here but you can ask for it if you need it.

    Don't get blind drunk Hels, ah heck go for it!!

    I Love Fridays and Saturdays as we have a drink. We have managed to get off drinking through the week. Which is easy to fall into when you have young kids stressing you out!!

    Have a good weekend H&A oh and Toby too!!

  9. Measuring IS for wimps! Guesswork turned out great, had shots of that tequila that never gives you a headache after, ended up nicely sozzled. And that stuff really doesn't give you a hangover - in fact it's like the anti hangover, my eyes popped open the next morning totally alert and refreshed, it was AWESOME :D

    Glad to hear you guys can get a bit smashed on the weekends, and that you can abstain in the week - self control is not one of my assets, and I'm sure if I had kids I'd get so frazzled I'd spend most of my time stoned of my trumpet like a trailer trash mom - we'll have to get you sozzled tomorrow though to make the most of it :)


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