Thursday, 13 January 2011

Script day 1.

So we did write yesterday, just not on the script. We came up with several fully developed side stories to do with characters that only appear in the film once and then on the news a little bit. We now know more about what happens to the couple in Venice, we have an excuse to spend a month filming japanese people in Love Hotels, we know more about the guy who dies of Ebola and we see the backstory of the chick acting very off in Vegas.

Now, it's technically fine that this is all be did because we love hidden teaser campaigns trailing on the internet, the ones that are barely linked the feature you are gearing up to promote, just the mildest hint of a connection; individual websites of different accounts for video upload on sites, but a recurring mention of a name, the websites are built by the same fake designers etc. We always planned on developing shorts of some of the more random characters and release them before the film, the sort of thing that is neither necessary to watch to enjoy the film nor reveals too much to spoil the film if watched before it. And it was always intended that the four short 'holiday' scenes at the beginning would be extended outside the movie, but seriously, it's not what I said we'd be doing is it?

Other than that all I did was try to figure out how to get 'Reply to Comments' on here (hence no reply yesterday :P ); I spent about an hour trying to find the right information on how to do it but to no avail, and I know me; I could end up spending another 3 hours, 10 hours, a week looking and still miss the one thing out there that would make sense to me. I hate being a code idiot. So I stopped n figured I'll do it on the weekend :/   And I also signed up for the Script Factory writing course at the end of the month. I don't feel like I need it of course, I'm way to arrogant for that, but I'm interested in the 'friendly' program and I wouldn't mind seeing if there are huge chunks of script theory I'm missing out on. And I did spend a lil bit of time on Ebay, yes, lame I know, but for me that's like a weaning period.

So on with today; today will be screencards and starting scenes.

Question: when you are writing split screen scenes where several different moments are playing at the same time with the focus shifting from one crucial moment of conversation/exposition to another, what is the script layout for that? Since the page:time ration wouldn't be accurate within the script, do you write the full script of the individuals scenes in companion pages and just include the individual lines that intended to be pulled forward and heard fully in the film?


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  1. Consulted John August on split screens and he didn't really have an answer...

    ...which means there's probably not a right way to do this and it's really up to you. I think writing the scenes out straight is probably the best way, and just indicate with a heading or something that they're running parallel. Also, it depends what writing program you're using but if you can split the page into columns maybe you could write the scenes side by side?


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