Sunday, 16 January 2011

Script day... whatever. Feeling the fear of a blank screen in front of me.

Writing is hard. Stating the obvious, I know. When I think about each scene of the film I know everything that has to be shown and said in 80% of the film, and I know the dialogue and shot design (including all the shooting script stuff I'm not even supposed to be thinking about) of 40% of the film, but everytime I actually set about writing the scenes I start thinking about all the things I should check before writing it, and end up researching all day.

In order to not write I spent a bunch of time on Thursday berating Ant for not thinking Inception is all that, and claiming that I was not being unreasonable in interrogating him about it since I kept using Inception to reference writing interpretive context to make the audience argue about what 'it means', then I claimed the argument was soooo mnetally tasking I had to take a long and melodramatic break. Then I quickly apologised to Ant and considered maybe (shock) it was just another type of procrastination, I tried to chill and we watched a bit of Josie Long. On Friday I did domestic admin, Ant realised the lead from Broadcast had died which sure ruined his day and we went out with some friends, drank expensive tequila and I actually got drunk, for the first time in ten years. Unfortunately it would seem that on days when I've been overwhelmingly stressed and scarily intense, drinking makes it worse, ha. Then we came home, watched more Josie Long, and had an achy sleep. Then Saturday I was surprisingly hungover, used it as an excuse to spend most of the day on Ebay, and today I started working a bit on smoothing out the kinks in the film story that have been bugging me, but no real writing.

So, I will take advice given: just write it :)

Feel free to roll your eyes; I'm feeling it before I even press post. One change I am including is I'm going to write out of the house on paper. I've always felt better writing on paper for some reason in my terrible handwriting and all, and I neeeeed to be away from the internet. Seven Stars, 9Bar and Naked, here I come.

Lastly, Chris thanks for the info on split screen :D it was a relief that I can pick what works best and it won't be laughably wrong :p  I would say that in a reply but I'm lame and still haven't got round to blogger stuff...

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