Thursday, 24 February 2011

Can't be arsed with the script.

I feel really distracted and crappy. blah.

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  1. Well, sorry to rub your nose in it but I've now got TWO scripts at the BBC Writers Room and I am currently 46 pages into a third script, all in the space of just one month (hence no blog entries)!
    1st one's called eBayers and is 68 pages and the 2nd script I wrote in just 3 days and is called Gaming Goodness and is about a video game clan.
    The 3rd one I'm busy finishing now hasn;t got a title but is about someone being diagnosed with a terminal illness, given three months to live and is then approached by a shadowy figure to become a hitman!
    Sorry to revel in this but I didn't write for 15 YEARS, so a word of advice: just sit there and write anything down, then save it and don't delete it as it will be useful at some point.


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