Thursday, 3 February 2011

Script - technically day 3 Ha....

So I seem to be sleeping properly, only during the day :D  Wicked. Ok, so not wicked, but better than the constant attempts at keeping myself awake during the day like a zombie that doesn't actually succeed in making me sleep at night, just either crash out during the day the next day, or stay awake both during the day and the night and then the day again. My body apparently only wants to have a good, restful sleep during the day. So I'm going with that, and trying to just work with it. At least my lifestyle makes that possible given that these are exactly the problems that allow that schedule, I don't have a schedule imposed by anyone else I have to be fresh and focussed for at the moment thank god.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote about five pages of the script, which is not my idea of good when you *think* you know every scene inside and out. I guess that's the point, isn't it - you never really know whether you know your script inside and out and see whether you really can just write and write and write without coming up against the problem of something needing writing that you haven't thought of. Either way I'm moving on with it, I'd like to be writing 20 pages a day since I'm just supposed to be getting it down, first draft style. More than 20 would be better but whatever.

Couple of things I've realised. Or re-realised. 1) The thesaurus is my friend. This is something I've not thought of in years given that I haven't written anything in years, but I used to be obsessed with not overusing the same descriptive words. Verbs I guess; I don't like reusing the same verbs even if the action in question crops up again and again. I hadn't thought about that in years, but I used to love my Thesaurus. And when I used to write poetry (REALLY HORRIBLE TERRIBLE BAD BAD BAD POETRY!) I even had a rhyming dictionary with a related thesaurus in that too :/  Ugh, that's so embarrassing. Not just the dictionary, the poetry too. I only ever wrote one good poem and that's because it wasn't contrived and the only time I'm completely the opposite of contrived is when I'm very very angry :D  It was the sort of poem Charlie Brooker would write if he'd ever been a 15 year old girl disgusted by a family death where everyone pretended to be sad when in reality we all hated the son of a bitch.

* That suddenly reminds me of the funeral. During the funeral of the man in question I quoted a line from Purely Belter. Sub-story in question is: horrible family member gets hit by a bus, family not too upset; during funeral priest says 'he will be sorely missed' and the little boy says approx 'thank god the bus didn't'. I did that - when the priest said 'he would be missed' I said that and most of my family sniggered. Now the priest didn't understand what I meant since the man in question hadn't been hit by a bus, by my family knew what I meant. Did I get told off? no I didn't, what does that tell you?*

Anyway, back to the point. 2) is coming to terms with how to use decription in order to get a reader thinking about the character is something I never considered before. It's easy to write description about a place, situation, whatever that sets the scene for the reader but somehow doesn't include the character in it. I'd never thought about that before. Hope I'm doing it right.

Anyways, back to the scribbling rubbish blah...

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