Friday, 4 February 2011

Script - day 5

I've realised something - the stuff I make up from scratch is much better, more efficient, more directly written in terms of applying to specific needs of the scene than the stuff I write trying to amalgamate what happened.

This is fine. This is much much better news, given that only 15 minutes of the movie is supposed to reference actual medical facts that happened in certain ways and can, medically, only happen in certain ways. This is great, I shall stop worrying about it. All it means is I can't see which parts of what really happened are interesting, and which are excruciatingly boring and drag as slowly as a ferret draging an obese corpse, but other people will.

I'm fine with that; all that means is when people read it they can tell me straight which bits in the hospital are incredibly boring, and which bits are interesting but need to be squidged together...

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