Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blog traffic...

So you may have noticed I don't really know much about blogging. Or maybe it's better to say I don't bother doing much with blogging. Maybe I'll do more since my blog is pretty boring but still, the lack of technical awareness of how to make the most of my blog would continue to be low on my list of priorities, generally speaking I just wanted to write stream of consciousness blah blah blah blah blah...

But that was before I took a look at that whole Stats page, with the sources n the keywords n the traffic. I get some traffic from a Russian furniture store. People find me through Scroogle. As far as keywords go, inception, talhotblond and catfish bring the most random traffic, along with Black Cocks Split Scenes...

Yes. You read that right.


Now honestly, I know I'm not easy to shock, or dismay. I am easy to disgust since disgust is a level up from hatred and I dig on hating irritating things. But even I feel a little queasy thinking about the type of person who would search for those words in that order. Let's repeat that: Those words. In That Order.

And I don't get why it brought them here!! I know I wrote about split screen, maybe I actually wrote scenes instead of screen, but I guess the regular use of the word scenes led to that. And sure I guess I might have said black and cock in some context, probably in the sense of saying someone is a douche. But now I'm thinking about the sort of person who searches for black cock split scenes.

They must have been pretty disappointed when they got here.

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