Thursday, 31 March 2011

Oldboy article: interesting?

As anyone interested in films can quickly gather from this page, I quite like the Vengence trilogy. I've been a fan from the premiere of the first film, which naturally means that with a certain degree of irony, it had absolutely nothing to do with the organ donation aspect of the storyline.

I'm a big fan of the trilogy, probably because they are each incredible in their own way. With a triptych style group of films, I usually find myself only liking one or two. Almost always I will find one of them doesnt touch me in anyway. But Vengence is different. The first movie instantly became an enduring favourite for it's contemplatative attitude to violence even as it engrosses you in it. Lady Vengence is evocative in about a thousand ways and increasingly satisfying the more you watch.

But Oldboy is... mental? Yes, Mental. In a good way of course. However it was my least favourite of the three for one simple reason - I didn't really love the ending. Or at least, I felt instinctively that the relationship aspect of the ending, I wouldn't have gone with. It didn't stop me loving it generally, just made me notice the absence of that purist sense of satisfaction you get at the end of a perfect film.

But that was before I read this: South Korean Cinema Violence article

Now I'm wondering. That's the sort of cultural allegorical stuff I'd usually jump all over as an example of superior interpretative writing, but clearly my poor retention of historical facts made me miss this bit of correlation. Should I rewatch? Hmmm

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