Saturday, 19 March 2011

It Are Language Fucked All

I've been noticing lately that everything I write isn't grammatically correct. I mean, a lot more than the average.

When I was younger I was told that I might have mild dyslexia, but I didn't bother thinking much about it. Reason 1) is that they were wrong on the first piece of 'evidence' - they told me the lateness with which I learnt to write (11/12) was a sign that the lack of specialised teaching forms for the condition meant I was at a disadvantage compared to other kids so I learnt slower. This is wrong, I was illiterate until I was 12 because I was never in school during the first year you learn to write, then when I came back I was shoved in Special Needs as soon as they noticed I couldn't do any of the basics, and since the cirriculum in Special Needs contains about 10% of normal learning per year I never caught up in school. As you can imagine for years I continued to not learn to read or write. Truth be told my best friend ratted me out to my mother that I didn't know how to read at all, and over a summer she taught me at home with Roald Dahl books.

Yes that's what I said; my mother taught me everything I needed to know about reading and writing in one summer with the dark humour of Roald so that I was more than able to keep up with my fellow students when I went back to school, so my mother had closed a five year gap in about two months. What a statement about the Welsh Primary Educational System is that?  Because of her choice of teaching method I still don't really know the alphebet, but who gives a fuck about the alphebet anyway? I can promise you that all that learning the letters in order is wasted education. Learn on fun books and you will see all them letters eventually...

Anyway, the basis for telling me that I might have very very very mild dyslexia is I had a real problem seeing words and letters the right way, but only a few combinations, which is considered really mild. You're only classed as having dyslexia that needs specialist teaching methods if your lack of recognition of letters or words applies to all combinations, even if only occasionally. If your occasional visual problem only affects a small group of combinations, that's liveable, I was told. And I completely agreed. When I was a teenager and in the intervening years it's just been seeing Ss the right way, remember which way p goes, same for d vs b, and I have a weakness for never getting my O words right. Or or Of for example - often type or write them wrong, can't seem to help myself.

But this week - for some reason I've gone haywire! I can't stop writing my theres' type words wrong. Especially I keep writing their, regardless of which version I need. And tenses, have been having big problems with tenses - keep writing a present tense when the rest of the sentence is a future or past, it's a pain in the arse.

It's one thing when you write something, give a quick reread and on the perusal they jump at you, but this week I can't see them... Theres probably a bunch in this, but I aint seeing them if so...

So in keeping with this I think I'll take a break from the blog for about a week. Might have been spending too much time writing on the net. Might clean my house and go break into a bunch of closed down hospitals... x


  1. I wouldn't worry about it. As you've probably noticed my blog posts and most of my comments are riddled with errors, and this despite me proofreading everything a dozen times before I post. I used to go back and change things but I've kind of given up now. I know the grammar police will pick me up on this occasionally and I know I call my self a writer so I'm supposed to be good at this stuff, but unless it's in something official like a script or a letter I'm not too bothered. Good luck breaking into hospitals!

  2. I was brought up by two English teachers and grammar was regularly corrected at the dinner table, or anywhere else in the house someone might be saying 'could of' instead of 'could have'...

    Then my mum started teaching special needs and shocked me recently by saying, 'oh, spelling and grammar don't really matter, as you as you can make yourself understood.' I agree to an extent, but I still text in whole words, complete sentences and with punctuation!

  3. Funny you mention that, I preferred to write actually sentences in texts... but that was when I actually had my own phone :p maybe it was more to keep it a habit with me since I was a late starter. I kept most of my better writing habits, like up until about a year ago I was still saying everything phonetically, like wed-nesday : ) Sometimes I like writing in chav speak, like I love writing cos, even though it's not a word :/ xxx


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